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Here is a presentation of EA Traduction's services. For further information about other services, or if you want a personalized estimate, don't hesitate to contact us.


We are specialized in the translation of every types of texts in the following fields: legal (no sworn translations) and financial, marketing, fashion, tourism, nuclear and automotive.



The proofreading step is essential for delivering a high-quality translation. This is a gold rule. The document's PAO have also to be taken into consideration. This step begins with a "relecture comparée" (source and target) of the translation and ends with a final revision where the caesura, typography, numbers and spelling are controlled by the translator.




EA Traduction offers translation services in a high number of linguistic combinations. Here are our main language pairs:


English > French

Spanish > French


Thanks to our network of qualified translators, we can guide you to the ideal partner in the following language pairs: 

French > English

French > German and vice-versa
English > Bulgarian

Spanish > Bulgarian
Bulgarian > French and vice-versa
Russian > French
Japonese > French and vice-versa (only general texts)
Portuguese > French and vice-versa


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